Career Counseling Connecticut Can Get You “Unstuck”

“I’m stuck.”  Marlene, a 33 year-old business analyst in New London, Connecticut, noted in her e-mail that she was not happy in her career but stuck trying to figure out what to do next.”

Most of our clients leave our career counseling sessions saying that they should have come here a lot earlier becuase they wouldn’t have suffered so much. They’re suffering almost always stemmed from feeling stuck.

I can relate.  Having branded myself as a would be attorney at the age of 10, I forged my path ahead through law school and several legal jobs until the point where I realized I no longer wanted to practice law.  I felt stuck. 20 plus years of identifying with a particular profession creates that feeling. I never really considered anything else.  When I finally figured out the process of how to get unstuck, I remember thinking, even way back then (2000)  that I would help others do the same.

Taking people out of their mind traps and showing them how to move forward to happier and more successful careers has become the most satisfying part of my work day.

If you are stuck in an unhappy career, contact us now.