Career Counseling Connecticut: Do you NEED a vacation?

My philosophy professor once spent a half-hour in our independent study tutorial describing the difference between “want” and “need”.   I don’t desire to reduce “need” to bare minimalism.   But I will use the distinction to help guide career changers.

Mental health in the United States has deteriorated to its lowest levels since the height of WWII.  There are factors at play well beyond career issues.  Yet, there are few people who love their work but are depressed.  To be clear, and to make one more important distinction:  “successful” at work is different than “happy” at work.  Those who are really happy at work spend the bulk of their days doing something that elevates their moods. This prevents mental health decline.  They might still “want” a vacation for all the reasons anyone does.  But they do not “need” a vacation.

On the other end of the continuum, some workers are a few steps away from a mental breakdown and work/career is a primary cause.  They “need” a vacation.   Others are burned out or highly stressed or just sick of their work and are also in “need” of a vacation.

Why live life – and your work days far outnumber your vacation days – in “need” of some other way of living?