Career Counseling Connecticut: The future of work

When asked, most residents in a highly educated state like Connecticut will say that they know the work world is changing.  Few, however, take action in order to ensure that they -and their children – will adapt to the changes. This is,  in part, because giant economic changes – such as the Industrial Revolution – do not happen in days or even weeks or months.  But if you are in the midst of such a revolution -as we are in whatever historians will agree to call it “the Technology Revolution”, “the Internet Revolution”, “the Computer Revolution” – then it will have MASSIVE impact in 5-10 years.

Those farmers who lived through the Industrial Revolution had little idea that the small changes they were seeing on a daily basis – perhaps hearing of a factory built in a nearby city or of a young farmer choosing to work in that “crazy new car industry” – would lead to an entirely different way of life in a decade.  Those small changes add up.

Career Counseling Connecticut is on the forefront of these profound changes and provides advisory services to guide our career coaching clients to ensure success not just in the now but in the increasingly changing future.