David called.  “I hear you are the expert in Connecticut on careers for the future….”

He was excited.  He wished he was younger.  But he saw possibilities for his two children, one a high school junior and one a high school freshman.

Mike called.  “The guidance department told me to call you because you know about new types of careers….”

He was terrified.  He noted that he was glad that he was already in a career – and hoped that it would not change too much – but that he was very worried about his two children, one of whom was a sophomore in college and one who was a senior in high school.

Change is scary to most.  But it also provides opportunities.

I have been writing about the “New World of Work” for a decade and half.

There is no bright line between the Old and New.  The Industrial REVOLUTION took 75 years.  Whatever this revolution will be called, it may have its start with computers, was supercharged due to the Internet, and is about to be supercharged again due to AI.

While I am an optimist, I also know that career turmoil will heat up in the next five years.   Do not be like so many farmers in the Industrial Revolution who did their best to ignore massive change.   Be like those who saw opportunities for themselves and for their children at the start of the computer age.