Career Counseling Equals Happiness Counseling

“I keep coming because I feel happier when I’m here and when I feel happier I get inspired to do what I should do to change careers.”  Alice relayed when I asked why she wanted to see Career Counseling Connecticut’s counselors on a regular basis even though we usually can help our clients craft a vision and a plan in one or two career counseling sessions.

She did touch on something that I’ve noticed. My clients often walk in with a challenged expression.  They are anxious or sad or insecure or just some variation of stressed. At the end of the meetings, most walk away with a smile, a spring in their step, and a sense of hope.  They feel better.  When they feel better, they are more likely to get past whatever has kept them stuck.

Happiness equals positive energy.  Positive energy is required to move forward when one is stuck.  Maybe that’s the secret ingredient for our success.