Career Counseling For the Old and New World of Work In Connecticut

Last week, my career counseling work provided a glimpse of the increasing contrast of the new and old world of work.   

On Monday, I met “Bob”.  He was conventionally successful but unhappy.  He worked at an old line Connecticut service firm. His job provided prestige and money.  But, he found his work meaningless. He was stressed to the point of at least twice a week insomnia.  He reported being both bored with his actual work and highly anxious with the demands associated with his job. He felt trapped. He hoped I could help with his escape from the old world of work.

On Tuesday, I met “Kyle”.  He was unconventionally successful and happy. He had left the traditional corporate world in his twenties.  He was now in his thirties and, along with his three friends ran a small business in Stamford.  He was “off the grid” (the corporate grid) and in the new world of work. He came to meet me for entrepreneurial coaching.   

This is not to say that the new world of work is superior.  But, I suppose I see more anecdotal evidence day after day that proves this point.