“I rotate between bored and anxious. Either my job is tedious or the work load creates stress.”  Kim said as she explained her work life in Career Counseling Connecticut’s offices. While she had come to us for her own career unhappiness, she then switched gears: I really worry that my kids will have the same fate. I explained that much like children who are told to be honest by their parents and then watch their parents lie, children who see their parents stay in unhappy careers get programmed by example. I asked Kim about her parents’ work. Her Dad never liked his job.  She confessed that she still doesn’t really understand what the did in his job.  He worked at Sikorsky.  I know he worked on big deals but he said his part was the processing of paperwork in relation to government contracts.   (Her mom did not work outside the home) He would always say “work is called work for a reason”.  She then stopped and we sat in silence for a moment. :My Dad also said he was either bored or stressed from work.  Do you think I was programmed to accept work that sucked?” She then proclaimed: “I will not do that to my children!” If you or your spouse is working a job that you don’t like – for a long time -, note that your children will observe and learn from example. Career Counseling Connecticut can help you – and your children. Contact us now.