Career Counseling: The benefits of talking through a critical decision

Blake was at a cross-roads decision regarding different graduate school routes to pursue at UCONN.  The story would drown in details if I described fully.  Suffice to say, he had a genuine quandary and a deadline to solve the issue.

I knew Blake from years ago as he had attended school in the Shoreline, Connecticut area and I had worked with him for college counseling.  Back then, Blake also had a challenge choosing among three colleges.  He recalled how helpful our conversations had been about that decision and contacted me without realizing that I had spent the last five years immersed in the career counseling space.

Blake had been suffering through his graduate school decision for the last three weeks.  Within one hour of our discussion, Blake knew what to do.  As tends to be the case, I get too much credit for help. While I hope my experience and my facilitation helps my clients, I also know that the process itself leads my clients to clarity.  In Blake’s case, some of the nuances regarding his science oriented graduate school choices were far beyond my knowledge base but I did have a grasp on the big picture and how to lead him to resolving his dilemma.  The process may be the secret ingredient for the success of Career Counseling Connecticut.