Career Counseling: The Ignition Key Needed For Career Change

Andy, a mid-level manager at a New Haven bio-medical company, called a month after our meeting. “I had been thinking of career change for 7 years. After our meeting, I finally am committed and changing seems like it will be surprisingly easy. Thank you.” Andy discovered what many of my career counseling clients do: starting takes an enormous amount of energy. Moving, after starting, while challenging, is not as hard as starting.
Two metaphors:
(1) Space Shuttle: the fuel required to get the space shuttle to lift off is approximately the same as the fuel required for the remainder of the trip. Think about that for a moment. The minute or so that liftoff takes requires the same energy as days of travel.
(2) Running: If you are a runner, then you likely know the following: starting the run is the worst part. After 10 or 15 minutes, you will likely start enjoying yourself.  
Commit to change. If career counseling is the way to start – the fuel to get you going – then start the process.