Career fear

There is an enormous amount of economic fear these days. This usually centers on income and that usually centers on career issues. In running Career Counseling Connecticut through the years, I’ve certainly spent some portion of career coaching meetings moving our clients through anxiety to action. This makes all the difference.

Fear is normal. It ignites our primitive instincts. “Fight or flight” is often the term used to describe what fear does to us. But in modern reality, fear usually translates to “fight or freeze”.

Career freeze is a far bigger problem than most realize. It emanates from our faulty K-12 (and through college) programming that massive change “happens to us”. 4th grade will end soon. 5th grade means a new teacher, new classmates, new classes… This continues with even bigger changes that are brought on by our factory like processing to middle school, high school, and, for many, college.

Then…. nothing automatically happens,. You have to choose a career path. You have to get a job. You have to change career paths. You have to change jobs. If you are like most, making these choices is not natural.

That’s where Career Counseling Connecticut can help. It’s not simply that we have deep expertise in career issues. We have deep expertise in understanding the human condition.