Career Inspiration

I watch many documentaries. In an earlier post, I wrote about Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  This movie was so good that someone like me who doesn’t care about either cooking or sushi found it captivating. Jiro, the sushi chef, embodies the path of the expert. Choosing and then developing an expertise in the New World of Work is one of the main career strategies that I work upon with our career counseling clients. 

Today, I’ll recommend Man On A Wire, a documentary about Phillipe Petit’s journey to walk a tightrope between the twin towers. For those seeking career inspiration – whether it is to start a business or to really go for your career dreams – this movie is totally worth watching.  Petit is inspired by his dream (much like someone with a dream business or a dream career).  He puts in the time to plan his vision (much like those who do the same with their business or career).  He faces countless obstacles but he persists. Indeed, the best thing you can learn from the movie is not the cliche “chase your dream” but rather learn to work around obstacles in the face of your dream.