Career Joy: I want to get back to work

My son just graduated Old Saybrook High School in Connecticut. Over the last year, we have talked a great deal about life beyond high school.  The need to ensure focus on grades, tests, and activities precluded me from spending a lot of “career counseling” time with him but, of late, that’s what I’ve been doing.

We’ve been on a family vacation in Ireland-England for the last few weeks. [The good fortune of creating The Learning Consultants in my thirties enables me to focus on career counseling as a passion business as well as spend time with people I most love].  I’m eager to get back.  My son noted that most of the Dads he knows grumble about their work.  That’s not uncommon.  I worked in a law firm where my boss would say “time to get back to the salt mines” whenever anyone was chatting for more than a couple of minutes.

Work doesn’t have to be drudgery.  Largely because of my own path, I feel so focused on the mission to help others realize career happiness and success.  I want people to say: “I look forward to getting back to work.”  That’s the way I feel now.