Career Lessons From 24 

I am often a step behind the TV or music times. I discovered 1990s grunge rock superband Nirvana only after its lead singer Kurt Cobain died. Despite hearing about 24 for years, I only recently started watching. The rave reviews are warranted.

This is not a spoiler alert but if you are really concerned about learning anything about the show, then maybe skip to the end. 

In 24, one of the characters knows that he (or she!) will die. He tells a younger co-worker that he wanted to be a teacher when he was younger but chose to work with the Department of Defense for an extra $5,000. The job has made him miserable and everyone around him miserable. He pleads with his co-worker to quit and find work that will make her happy. 

Will you have the same regrets if death was approaching?  Harsh thought, I realize.  But sometimes dramatic situations create clarity.