Career Planning During Covid-19

I recently spoke with a former client. She was “furloughed”. But she said that her organization is unlikely to hire her back. She’s without a job. She’s more fortunate than most because her parents can help pay her bills.

She was panicked. I understood. Many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s calls have been from those who recently lost their jobs due to Covid-19. She was about to make the same mistake that we all do when panicked: act impulsively out of fear. I understand that as well.

So, I asked her – rhetorically – if there was any worry that she would starve or become homeless. And then as I do with our career counseling clients who are no longer in a panicked stage, I asked her if this crisis provides an opportunity. “Well…she said…. you know I’ve always wanted to start my own business…”

The most common refrain of those who leave Career Counseling Connecticut’s offices is “I should have come here a long time ago.” The reason: career shifting (or starting a business) takes time. “Some day” becomes never for most. The main reason: lack of planning. The main reason for lack of planning: no sense of urgency. For those who are in a job that’s reasonably secure, there is no pressure to immediately come up with a plan for what to do next. From my observation, even having a “terrible job’ doesn’t prompt most people to take the time to come up with a new career plan.

Well…. you have time now.