Career Play: What if your work was just an expression of who you are?

Creators of any sort understand exactly what I’m suggesting: if you are a musician, a craftsman, a writer and whole host of other professions where the dominant activity involves expressing yourself then your work is part of you.

Those involved in meaningful work often feel the same way. The most obvious are clerics.  Pastors, priests, monks, and nuns live their lives in such a way that their work is intertwined with just being who they are. Is the meditating monk working?

Those who own their own businesses – if the business is connected to who they are – also feel the same way.  A long time ago, I trained a fledgling entrepreneur to build a business around his passion for fishing.  I know nothing about fishing but I do know how to build small local businesses.  I bumped into him a few years ago and asked him about work.  “I don’t work any more.” He smiled.  “I just live and happen to earn money through my fishing business.”  He crafted his life around his passion and hobby.  He’s not making six figures but he pays his bills and goes to work happy.

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