The Life Experience of Career Satisfaction Equals Pleasure From Free Time Activities

I realize that for those of you clicked on a career counseling website may be scratching your head. How could work equal play? People who find satisfaction through their work will have an equal or greater life experience than when having free time.  As a Connecticut father and husband, I appreciate the many opportunities for socializing along soccer sidelines, in backyard barbecues, and on the beach.  But, the truth is that unless I am with my close friends and family, I usually prefer the feeling of satisfaction from work than superficial socializing. 

To be clear, I am not discussing the monetary rewards that work brings but rather the feeling that I would imagine a painter gets when painting or the experience I have as a career counselor when I know I am making a difference someone’s life.

Those who have what Buddhists refer to as right livelihood or what the Greeks (Aristotle) referred to as eudaimonia (flourishing is the closest English translation) feel good both at work and when they review their days.  They know that their life is meaningful.  That certainly beats many free time activities.