Career shift: Now is the time

“If not now, then when?”  That’s the question that Brandon asked himself.  Brandon was 32, living in East Lyme, CT, and commuting to Hartford for work that he didn’t really like.   He had a “decent” job by his standards.  For Connecticut, his pay was good and while his commute was long, he did not have to deal with Connecticut’s 95 traffic which afflicts our career counseling clients from Fairfield County.

Nonetheless, Brandon felt something was lacking in his career.  “It’s not just that I don’t have passion.  It’s that I don’t really care.  Last year, when there were rumors of layoffs, I thought for a second that I wouldn’t mind getting let go.  And, it’s not like I have any money.”

Brandon didn’t need me to tell him that he should leave a job that he wouldn’t mind getting let go from.  However, since there was no event that was compelling his movement, Brandon stayed another year.  He contacted Career Counseling Connecticut because he saw a YouTube video related to taking control of one’s career.  The question – “if not now, then when?” – resonated with him.  He’s right – how will you answer that question.  Contact us now.