Career Training: We help you stay accountable

For better (I’m highly efficient) or worse (I hold myself to standards that are hard to meet), I suggest the fewest possible meetings with my clients.  I’m also super self-conscious about my clients spending money (too much Catholic indoctrination, way back when!).

So, I find myself in the strange position of having clients convince me that they need to meet with me more often.

My focus in creating Career Counseling Connecticut was to provide highly dynamic life changing meetings for my clients.  With all my work – starting with The Learning Consultants – my fanaticism for client happiness also included my view to minimize costs.  For that reason, I start with the premise that I can solve someone’s career issue in 1 meeting.  This is exactly contrary to the majority of career counselors in Connecticut and elsewhere who seek package arrangements for clients (multiple meetings needed).  My sense is that if we figure out the proper career direction and career strategy my career counseling clients can handle from there.

In the last couple of years, I’ve reconsidered that thought.  One of my clients pointed . out that the value of athletic trainers stems from compelling their clients to be accountable.  “Most people don’t need to meet a trainer after a few sessions to show them what to do but they need a trainer to actually do the work.”

I now better see career counseling does work with that metaphor.