Career Transition: Nothing happens without a vision and a plan. We can help

“Every month for the last 4 years, I’ve reviewed Career Counseling Connecticut’s blog.  Why did I wait 4 years to come in?  I don’t know.”  Jennifer said as she described her mismatched career.  “I guess I just thought something would happen.”

Our K-college culture creates a deep imprint regarding life change.  Unfortunately, it is absolutely the wrong one in relation to the work world.  I run The Learning Consultants. For that reason, I see the massive change that “happens” to children when they head to college and the relatively big changes as children change grades every year.  Other than pass their courses, they need not do anything for the yearly change through grade school. The college application process is intense and significant – students have to do something – but, again, the time for the change is foisted upon them.   They have to leave high school.

You, on the other hand, presumably do not have to leave your job.  But your subconscious, having been programmed by 17 years of K-12 plus 4 years of college, can’t help but think “something outside of me will create a change.”

Adult life doesn’t work that way.

We can help you create a career vision and then a career plan to create change.  Otherwise… no change will happen.