Summer in Connecticut is nearly perfect.  Indeed, the biggest general complaint is usually the I-95’s traffic from Stamford through New Haven and even to New London. 

Through the years of career counseling, I can say with some distinctness that summer is the ideal time for most to craft a career vision.

The fall is a perfect time for new ventures.  Energetically, we have been conditioned from K-12/college/grad school to view September as the start of something new. That’s a wonderful time to execute the career vision that you planned in the summer.

Most of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients enter our offices confused about their career direction. That’s why they are seeking career counseling! Most also vastly underestimate the “drag time” between conceiving and implementing a new idea. While instantaneous action following the formulation of a career vision does happen, there almost always needs to be a period of reflection between shifting paths in one’s mind and then doing what is necessary in action.

After our first career coaching session, most of our clients walk away with a distinct career “pilot program” (a new career direction to test much like a TV pilot is tested for audiences).  Understandably, new directions take some reflection and/or just sitting with the idea to understand if the concept is plausible.  Going for a walk on one of Connecticut’s wonderful beaches or just sitting and staring at the ocean/Long Island Sound is an ideal way to find that space.

So use your summer wisely. Plan your career vision now.  And, then execute the vision in the fall.