Career wilderness

Winston Churchill was born to the English aristocracy.  He had a spectacular early career and seemed destined for greatness.  But his party suffered a devastating defeat in 1929.  He spent almost the entire next decade in what he called “the wilderness” as he was no longer a rising star and, indeed, was a political has-been according to many.  His warnings against the rise of Germany led to his resurgence and extraordinary next decade as he became arguably the most memorable European leader of the 20th century.

I told this story to Ron, a struggling thirtysomething who had once been a rising star in his field.  He was stuck in a rut.  But that wasn’t the biggest problem.  He couldn’t see his way out and that was making him really anxious and depressed.  I told Ron as I tell all our clients that “of course, the very definition of “lost” includes not knowing how to get where you want to go.”   As an outside career expert – perhaps like a wilderness guide – I was able to show him his path to a brighter career and it was actually quite easy.

Many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients feel lost.  They also feel hopeless.  They don’t think they can revive their stalled careers.  That’s where effective career coaching comes in.  We guide our clients out of the career wilderness and onto happier career paths.