Years ago, I belonged to the World Future Society.  I kept pace with thought leaders who were predicting how the future would unfold.   While I left the organization once parenthood began – and the future of my children consumed my thoughts – I have always been interested in how work will evolve in the future.

Of late, I’ve been studying the metaverse.  For better… and possibly worse… Web 3.0 will be coming in the next few years.  My prediction is that much like most dramatic changes, the change will be far more gradual than technology enthusiasts believe but with far more impact than than the luddites (non-technologists think).

If you are under 30… maybe 40… you have a GIANT OPPORTUNITY.   If you understand how you can position yourself for the metaverse you will be positioned to create your career.  Imagine if you knew the Internet would be big before it was….

Connecticut is known as the land of steady habits.  Those who live here are here and not in Silcon Valley for a reason.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in how you can position your career for the future, contact us.  The future is almost NOW.