Careers in Connecticut 2021

Covid certainly has changed the world. Unbridled optimism has been the way I’ve lived my life and I don’t plan on changing any time soon.

I believe the opportunities for knowledge workers have never been brighter and, for that reason, Connecticut – which has the high ratio of knowledge workers – is well positioned for those seeking new ventures in 2021.

Before I begin what will seem to be an elitist rant, I note that my upbringing, while upper middle class, was through NJ public schooling. I have many acquaintances who are not knowledge workers and having spent a few summers on assembly lines I fully know what that world of work is like. I also know that highly educated workers in Connecticut are better suited for the New World of Work than most anyone.

Career Counseling Connecticut has been examining career resources that will help our clients in 2021. Be optimistic. 2020 is almost behind us.