Careers in the time of Covid

I have not shared as much recently with either Career Counseling Connecticut’s client base. I’m deeply aware of the sensitive issues that many are facing beyond health concerns. Economic concerns are paramount for many, particularly those who have seen their industries upended. With that in mind, I have been reticent when thinking of expressing the joy I have felt during this period.

On my end, my happiness, stems in large part, that my three children – all of the age that they would likely rather be spending more time elsewhere – are with my wife and me a great deal. But of my relevant concern for our career changing, career building, and career seeking audience, I am beyond thankful that my career path has led to such satisfaction. I would have been very challenged if I was still drudging to work – even if via zoom – as a big city, big law firm attorney.

I recently met with someone who for lack of a better phrase is a spiritual guru of sorts. She suggested – urged – that I share my story more often. The story, at one level, is trite: the high achiever leaves a traditional path to head towards more purposeful work. But it is also true and, despite movies showing otherwise, seems to be quite rare in reality. Despite her urgings – which struck as wise – I still think the details of my story are only of great interest to me. The plot line – “seeking meaning/purpose in a career” is perhaps more interesting to many. Or it should be.

Covid has made many people more reflective about life’s big issues. I’ll be curious to see studies on couples who decided to get married or decided to separate, in part, because they had time together and time to think about being together during the pandemic. I’m also interested in studies that will illustrate how many people changed careers – by choice, not by economic necessity, during Covid. And, I ‘m most interested if we could be part of the process that helped get people onto their new and more meaningful career adventure.