Careers Related to Blockchain Technology

Much like anyone who follows financial news, I became aware of Bitcoin decade ago. Bitcoin was somewhat interesting to me but the underlying technology – the blockchain – intrigued me far more. Those who are “in the know” were touting blockchain technology as potentially transforming as the internet. That seemed hard to believe but it certainly caught my attention as someone giving career advice. If you can catch a wave as it forms, the height of the wave will carry you very far from where you started.

I then started researching blockchain, not so much for cryptocurrency investment, but to see what industries/careers/jobs would become more attractive. I read about Ethereum, which is within the cryptocurrency umbrella, but actually far more versatile than Bitcoin since Ethereum can help create “smart contracts” (sort of like a Venmo transaction) and these smart contracts can potentially transform many industries.

I then started looking at jobs related to these areas and, as expected, most of the jobs related to those with tech skills.

Career Counseling Connecticut has not historically worked with many tech specialists. The reason: most with such skills know what they want to do and have a defined career path related to software development/coding etc.

But…Career Counseling Connecticut has worked with thousands of clients who were in business fields that have technology elements. More specifically, you do not need to have tech skills to sell/market technology or do any number of business functions related to tech development.

Subsequently, we have become somewhat expert on industries/companies in this new area. (Read what you can about the blockchain!)

We can help position you for a career that takes advantage of this next wave.