Careers: The Trouble With Boys to Men

In 2012, I wrote Motivate Your Son. Based on my experience running The Learning Consultants, I observed a plethora of boys struggling in school.

In 2015 I wrote Career Path of Abundance. This work focused on how we can find work that could lead to happiness and success. It was an aspirational work, focused on the 10% who would strive for optimal careers. I noticed that those who met with me because of this book – the striving idealists – were more women than men.

I just published The Parents’ Guide to Career Planning for your Twentysomething. It is certainly designed for both young men and women who are struggling to get career traction. But I know that more of my examples and more of my calls from new career counseling clients come from parents of boys who have not fully transitioned to independent men.

I’m here to help all those struggling with careers – twentysomethings through fiftysomethings and men and women – but I do know that “something is in the water” that is creating a generation of underachieving young men. I know I can help if you are a parent facing this challenge.