Commuting To A Career That You Don’t Like

I remember commuting to a job that I didn’t like. I would need to leave the house around 7:45 am.  I would arrive around 9 am.  During the ride, at best, I would be listening to an audiobook that I enjoyed. At worst, I would be stuck in traffic and not necessarily looking forward to the traffic ending so I could get to work.

Many, and likely most, workers in what I call the new world of work – those living off the grid – do not have such commutes. I drive about seven minutes to my Old Saybrook office and about 15 minutes to my Madison office. I mention mindful of seeming self-congratulatory.  I would rather that this fact simply creates hope.

Commuting is universally disliked. I’ve read dozens of studies on happiness in work lives.  Even the happiest of workers feel dissatisfied with commutes of any length.

A few weeks ago, I was traveling through Connecticut’s stretch of I-95. As tends to be the case, I was stuck in some undefined traffic crawl from New Haven through Fairfield County.  I was traveling for a work event that I knew I would enjoy.  That made all the difference.