Congratulations to Parents of Recent College Graduates!

If your child is graduating from college this month, congratulations!  Even if your child does not have a job, I tell stressed parent clients of Career Counseling Connecticut that they should celebrate with gratitude.  Consider when your child was born twenty plus years ago: what did you wish for?

Good health.  If you are a normal parent, your first thoughts through your child’s first few years had to focus on health.  Indeed, many parents will say – truthfully – as long as my baby-child is healthy, I’m happy.  Anything else is a bonus.

As for those bonus areas, parents soon concern themselves with their child’s well being in social areas, in activity areas, and in academic areas.  While your child’s college graduation does not necessarily mean that the first two worked out, it does mean that academics did! Well done!

Yet, even with my genuine and heartfelt belief that we should be grateful on such occasions, I do understand the stress of our parent-clients.  Their child has graduated college but does not have a job.  Worries regarding their emotional/practical well-being are natural.  Moreover, they worry about affecting their relationship by nagging.  They worry that their stress will create more stress for their child’s emotional health. That’s where Career Counseling Connecticut can help.

Our College to Career Program is designed to ensure that our young adult clients can make the transition into the work world in the happiest… and emotionally healthiest…. way possible.