Connecticut Blizzard 2015: Are you so happy that you don’t have to work? If so, it might be time to change your career.

As Blizzard Colbie approaches, children throughout Connecticut delight at the prospect of a couple of snow days. Many adults do as well if they view the snow as a temporary respite from work.  One of my career counseling clients called to reschedule our in person meeting to a Skype meeting said: “I don’t care how much it snows, 30 inches, 30 feet, whatever, as long as I don’t have to go into work.” 

That’s tough. If such thoughts resonate with you, then you have to start planning to change jobs or your career. Why should your life consist of 40-50 hours of misery plus the dread of going to work? 

Here’s the reason: there is another slice of workers who will use today’s storm to joyfully build their work. Sure, they, too, might get the 10 year old giddy feeling of getting permission to play hooky. But they also will use part of today to work on something that gives them satisfaction. Those working on interesting projects, making something of value or creating anything will spend a couple of hours pleasurably immersed in work activities that give them joy.

Their delight comes from work, not skipping work. That should be you.