Connecticut Career Seekers: September 2019 is the time to change

Connecticut summers are idyllic.  For someone who spent the first 33 years living outside New York city, then in Philadelphia, and Washington,  DC, I assure my now Connecticut brethren that we have it really good!  Our quality of life, our beaches, and our generally laid back lifestyle (at least compared to Northeastern cities makes me defiantly optimistic against the Connecticut bashers.

But I digress:  this is about you.  I’ve noticed that summer in general but particularly for those who live near water makes putting off challenges more common.  Getting in shape?  After the summer.  Financial plan?  After the summer.  Putting in time to change your job/career that you have been complaining about for far too long?   After the summer.

Ok… summer is over after Labor Day.

Time to contact Career Counseling Connecticut.