Connecticut Covid Career Recovery

Connecticut will be back economically sometime in the next 6 months. Jobs will be posted. More people will be fired than hired. Figuring out career issues, as opposed to just hoping to stay employed will be on the agenda.

What can you do now to prepare? Career Counseling Connecticut grew from a simple premise: your career is really important for both your happiness and economic well being. Yet, there are few resources that help people figure out issues related to career choice.

Having built The Learning Consultants into Connecticut’s largest private educational consultancy, I was quite accustomed to parents hiring us for issues ranging from the highly important (college counseling) to seemingly trivial (note-taking for a 4th grader). In the 2000s, I was perplexed that so few parents and then later full-fledged adults who so willingly invested in educational enhancement (some clients spend over $10,000/yearly on tutoring alone) did not invest in career advisory services which seemed far more important.

Fortunately, that has changed as Career Counseling Connecticut has grown significantly over the last five years. People realize the importance of career to both happiness and success. Contact us to learn more.