Coronavirus and Job Searching for college seniors

As if ending college early was not horrible enough, college seniors have come to the even more horrible realization: “I just ended college and don’t have a job.”

For years, I have been writing about the challenges facing college graduates as they make their way into the career world. The rosy job numbers – pre-Covid – were a farce. That’s not a political statement, just a note from a career counseling practitioner who has noted the abundance of “jobs” that college graduates had – again pre-Covid – were not the career-building jobs of a decade or two ago. I’m not denigrating jobs in customer service, retail food-service or commission-only sales jobs but merely noting that many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s recent college graduate clients were not planning on those careers post-college.

Now, many of those who have been in those and other industries are laid-off due to the coronavirus and they, too, have been contacting us for help.

Some good news: career planning takes time. You need to have a career vision in place, a job-searching strategy, and an understanding of the tactics (such as proper cover letters, resumes, and interview techniques) to effectively engage in job searching.

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