Covid: Now Is The Time To Take Charge of Your Career

Covid has taken a great deal away from Connecticut residents. I feel the need to apologize for insensitivity for anyone who has lost a loved one or suffered devastating effects of Covid related to health or finances.

But as I have relayed to Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients, Covid has some gifts.

For most, time for reflection has increased. And for many career seekers, this gift has helped crystalize that they want to do something else with their careers. Life is too short to suffer through 40-50 hours of unhappy time per week.

Covid has also created a built in explanation for anyone who is out of work. I’m sure that many job interviews over the next couple years will have a conversation that includes: “and then in 2020, Covid….”. Sensible interviewers looking at the gap in job history will respond “Say, no more. Totally understand.”

If…. and I know this is a big if…. you can shift your career during this time period, you also have this built-in explanation. “Why did you leave your job at Big Corp? I gather it was a downturn in the economy during Covid….”

This gives you “permission” to take more career risks.

We can help.