Create. Don’t React.

I normally do not make a big deal of seemingly trivial word games but I read a while back that  C R E A T I O N and R E A C T I ON have the same letters. That anagram may help you realize that you control your career creation.

If I had to think of the number one thing that my career counseling clients can do to change their careers, it would be embracing the notion of career creation.

I do not like creating stress for anyone.  But having witnessed the career carnage that occurred when Pfizer left Southeastern, CT, I feel obliged to give unsolicited career advice to those who have their job futures in the hands of a few corporate executives. With my Pfizer friends and clients, I had a clear view for who thrived and who did not: those that took charge of their future with the active view that they were creating the next step even prior to the official news did well. Those that waited and simply reacted to the news confirming what had been months of rumors did not.

If you think your job could be in jeopardy due to events beyond your control, the time to contact us is now, not when it is after the fact.