Create Your Career

The new world of work.

What does that mean?

Those in Connecticut, particularly the Connecticut suburbs, are missing out on a work revolution that’s happening throughout the world, including America, but mostly in major US cities, particularly those in cutting edge fields.

In the new world of work, people create their careers.  

How so?  They figure out what they want to focus upon; how to build marketable skills in the area of focus; how to market themselves to people who will pay money for these skills; and then execute a plan to do each.

Its not easy.  But, for most, it beats the traditional world of work’s notion that employers creates the careers of their employees.

How does one create a career?  

“John”, a twentysomething client from Branford, Connecticut first came to see me about a year ago. He found himself bored out of his mind during his first job in project management.  

John is really passionate about film and had considered a career in the film industry.  In the process, he became an expert videographer. He also started a small side business in college related to videoing events and video editing.  He was even paid once to teach someone how to film. 

I definitely do not encourage my career counseling clients to blindly follow their passion and I certainly would not suggest that he should quit his job – however miserable he was – to pursue videography.   

John needed a plan.  So we started working on a business plan that combines John’s video skills with another technical area (I have to be careful about the details for obvious reasons) in relation to what he (and I) believe will be a profitable niche.  

John still works at his job in project management.  But, he is no longer miserable because he knows he is building his career on the side.  As he saves money and finalizes his business plan, he is on track to start his business in mid-2015.

Create your career.  That’s the new world of work.