Decide To Change Your Career

Decide right now to change your career. Commit to that decision. Take one step forward. Then another. That’s how change occurs.

What stops people from moving phone with their career dreams? There are many reasons but in the years working with people through their career transitions it seems that the feeling of being overwhelmed by uncertainty is near the top of the list.

Those who successfully changed their careers quite often has no idea where they will be heading when they make their decision. That surprises many of my career counseling clients. They assume that my clients walk in already generally knowing what they want to do and that I hope get them there. Sure, that sometimes happens. But, more often than not, my clients really don’t know what they want to do other than in broad strokes. 

Allison knew she wanted to be in the helping profession but she had no sense of what she specifically wanted to do. She had a big advantage compared to others. She had decided that she was going to change your career and was firmly committed to that idea. At the time of our meeting, Allison worked in a pharmaceutical company in New Haven Connecticut. Her work was not miserable. Indeed, she actually felt that her companies products were very good. She also liked her boss and her co-workers. The pay was reasonable as was her lifestyle. 

Nonetheless, Allison decided that you wanted to work more directly helping others. She decided to change her career. She committed to that decision. Calling me was not her first step. But, she explained that she felt “all in” after our meeting. Allison is now back in school for social work and loving the thought that she has found her career calling.