DECIDE to Change Your Career

​“I’m going to change my career.” Nancy said with a look of elation. “I don’t know exactly how but you helped Donna change her career and she was even more lost than me.”

Nancy was in the financial department of a big company in eastern Connecticut.  Nancy’s work life wasn’t terrible and the company that she worked for did not treat her poorly.  She just had been laboring in work that she didn’t like for far too long.  Now in her late forties with her youngest off to college and savings reasonably in place for both college and retirement, she decided that it was now her turn to do something for herself.
Nancy was the antithesis of selfish.  Married at 24, a working mother at 27, a full time job while being the primary caretaker for her two children, Nancy had spent the last 22 years getting up early, working in a career that she didn’t like because it paid the bills, and then spending as much time serving her family as possible thereafter.  Not a lot of “me time” for Nancy.
Rather than face the pangs of empty nesting, Nancy opted for an affirmative way to live.  She decided that she would change her career.  By doing so, she was putting in motion the force that I have seen work for so many career changers.  She was committed.

I remember my own path in building The Learning Consultants.  During its initial phase, there were the ups and downs that accompany entrepreneurial ventures.  When I thought “I’ll dig ditches if I have to in order to keep this going”, I knew I was going to make it.

Make a commitment in 2016.  Find a career that is more suited to you.