Did you change your mismatched career in 2019?

The end of the year brings reflection.  Here are some questions to consider:

1.)  Am I living the life I want to lead?

2.) What would I shift to bring myself closer to my ideal life?

3.) What action steps can I take to do so?

The big 3 areas for most are health (physical and mental), relationships (partner/friend group), and career (happiness/success).

You likely would not be reading this blog if you were in a career path that suits you. You also likely know that you have to change jobs/career paths to have a better life.  Question 3 is where most get stuck.  What should I do?

Here, we have been cultured with notions of automatic change and linear thinking.   Both hinder our ability to deal with an area that requires self-created change and non-linear thinking.

Regarding change, from the ages of 5 until at least 23, we had relatively big to massive changes compelled upon us.  Each grade change shifted our day to day life dramatically.  Each school change, as well as first foray into full time work, was a massive change.   All of these either just happened (i.e. going from 4th to 5th grade) or you were on a conveyor belt with some choices (which college to attend) but you were going to change (leave high school) regardless.  That doesn’t happen with adulthood.  You have to create the change.

As for linear thinking, most everything that we do can be distilled into a step by step process.   Career change is not one of those areas.  There are too many decisions, gray areas, feelings, life situations, conflicting values, and ambiguity to make any suggestion that there is a step by step process nonsensical.

That’s where Career Counseling Connecticut can provide invaluable help.  Contact us now to make 2020 your year of career change.