Did your New Year’s Resolutions Including Career Change?  If so, it’s March 1st.  

“I should have come hear a long time ago”.  That’s the most common remark I hear from my career counseling clients.

Our early K-12 culture was designed for the Old World of Work.  1st graders become 2nd graders without having to do anything out of the ordinary.  In the Old World of Work, assistant managers became managers – at least over time – without having to do that much out of the ordinary.  Now… not so much.  The New World of Work requires that YOU DO SOMETHING to change your career. 

25 becomes 30 far faster than 25 years old think. 30 becomes 35 even faster.  And, so on.

If your New Year’s resolution included career change, you may have noticed that despite our long winter, March came pretty fast as well.