Do I need a career counselor?

“Need” is a strong word.  So, my simple answer to those who ask: “No.  But perhaps it would be good to spend money on figuring out your career because your career is a lot of life.”

If the conversation is with a friend – so I don’t have to worry about appearing like I’m trying to sell anything – I’ll ask about what else they spend upon.  Those who are my age often have house cleaners who come to the house regularly.  Their yearly expenditure is several thousand dollars.  Certainly, there is no “need” to have a house cleaner.  But they have made the decision to use their money to free up some of their time.   Younger clients often have gym memberships.  Also, not a “need”.  I can say from own experience.  I work out almost every day at home.  But those who belong to a gym believe their decision to use their money for exercise with top notch equipment and perhaps with some socialization is a good investment.

So it is with career counseling. Most of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients leave and write follow up notes that indicate the relatively small investment led to life changing action.

Maybe you don’t need a career counselor but contacting us will probably be a great investment.