Do you feel happy to go back to work?

Cindy immediately exclaimed her dread about going back to work when she sat down in Career Counseling Connecticut’s office. “I knew I had to shift careers when I was ending my last vacation. During the two days of a week-long vacation, I grew increasingly anxious about having to do my work projects when I returned. Then I read your article about the difference with people who feel happy about “getting” to do the work they loved and knew it was time to meet with a career counselor.”

Cindy’s job was fine by conventional standards: decent salary, benefits, job title, commute, and hours. Her boss was nice enough and the people she worked with were “fine.” But the bottom line: “I am really unhappy about work and it was not only making me unhappy while at work but also during vacation.”

Having had work that I did not like, I fully know the feeling of “I have to go to work on Monday”. Each day at the law firm felt at best dutiful (“I’m doing this to support my family”) to at worst wasteful (“I’m wasting my life doing something I don’t like.”)

When I started doing work that was aligned to my calling as an educator-counselor – almost two decades ago – everything changed. I built my first company, The Learning Consultants, and experienced what I was preaching: you can do work that you love.  When that happens, you “get to go work.”

Through building Career Counseling Connecticut into Connecticut’s largest career counseling practice, I feel delighted to have helped hundreds of clients “get to the work” they love.

2020 is the time for you. If not now, then when?