Does Connecticut have a New World of Work?

What is the new world of work?  There are many definitions from a macro perspective.  But, from a personal career perspective, I simply consider it to be earning income from non-organizational work.  Some might call it living “off the corporate grid.”

The “old” (and still predominant) way of work involves individuals working indefinitely for one organization.  In Connecticut, all those folks working at insurance companies in Hartford or financial institutions in Stamford or universities in New Haven fit the bill.

The “new” way of work probably started – or at least caught fire – in Silicon Valley.  A high percentage of the tech wizard population work in new ventures, either full time or on the side.  This “new world of work” is characterized by freedom from indefinite employment and often freedom from a single employer.  Its also characterized by greater risk and uncertainty.  

Those who are free lancers, solo entrepreneurs, free agents and any other construct that separates the individual from the thought of working in the indefinite future for a single employer are within this category as well.

Does Connecticut have a new world of work? Yes. A small but growing number of people have realized that the exchange of the old world of work (give us your freedom for secure employment) has now become one sided.  Secure employment is no longer guaranteed. 

While Connecticut does not have the influx of young entrepreneurial talent that makes up most of the new world of work, it does have a highly educated population.  Soon enough, educated people will choose the new world of work in greater numbers.