Don’t choose certain unhappiness over anxiety about the unknown

“I just don’t know what I would do next. That’s why I stayed.”  Kate said as she tried to explain why she had not come to Career Counseling Connecticut sooner.  “I heard you on the radio a few years ago and I almost picked up the phone.  But then I worried what would happen if I left my job?”

Kate finally realized that contacting Career Counseling Connecticut was not the same as leaving her job but rather the first step in a process to career change.

And, here’s where all potential career coaching clients should pay attention: CAREER CHANGE IS A PROCESS.

99% of successful career changers do not leap into the unknown.  Most plan their change over a series of months, sometimes years, and then when they make the leap they are not dealing with the unknown but rather a new job/career path that they believe (know!) will lead to greater happiness and success.

You need to take the first step.