Don’t let September bring another year of career regret

While January 1 is the official start of the year, we have been cultured through school – and if you are a parent your kids returning to school – to view September as the real first month of the new year.

Our K-through college “every year brings change” process is an underrated culprit for career dissatisfaction.  17 years (K-12 plus 4 years of college) for most brought pretty big and sometimes massive change to our work environment. I believe that subconsciously it programmed many to think that change is something that happens due to external forces.  4th grade teacher is terrible? Well, your 5th grade teacher will be better.  Feel done with middle school?  High school is around the corner.  Ready to leave your small town in Connecticut?  College.  And so forth.  Big changes every year.  And, for many the first couple years out of college can also bring some job shifts.

The challenge for many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients stem from the malaise of being stuck in an unfit career and assuming – consciously or subconsciously – that things will change without them doing something about it.  Sure, that happens, but usually in a bad way, like a lay off or a company reorganization. If you want change, you – and you alone – must take charge.