End of summer: Time to invest in career change

As I have written elsewhere, Connecticut summers are idyllic.   Indeed,  I am tired of the anti-Connecticut rhetoric I hear from some.  I am not a native Connecticut resident and am not prone to tribalism.   But I will say that Connecticut deserves its 20th century reputation as among the best states to live and I hope the reputation will continue through the 21st century.

That long digression serves to introduce my general thesis that Connecticut has so much to offer in the summer that would-be career changers prefer to push back thoughts of career change. “I’ll wait until fall.”

The challenge is that career change takes time.   I’m not referring to writing cover letters or resumes but rather the time it takes to create a vision (this may be the hardest part and where Career Counseling Connecticut helps the most).

If you have been waiting for the end of summer to change your career, time’s up!