End of summer: You – and you alone – have to change your career

Our education system is rightly attacked for many reasons.  The lack of career education,  the mismatch between what we learn and what is needed in the work world, and the minimal amount of skill development K-12 provides for employment are huge issues.

One issue that goes unnoticed but is equally responsible for career unhappiness: our subconscious programming that “things will change” as opposed to our need to create change.  Specifically, we are conditioned through our K-12 movement that massive change happens each year to us.   4th grade becomes 5th grade.  Better teacher, better class or at least different teacher and class.  Heading to college is, of course, even a more massive change and the change in each college year often brings significant change as well.

The result: twentysomethings “wait” for something to happen.  They do not realize that no outer force will change their career.

You – and you alone – are responsible for career change.