End of the year career review

At the end of each year, many people reflect on their careers.  Covid has made Connecticut residents even more reflective.

Trevor booked an appointment with Career Counseling Connecticut because he was not only reflective about the end of the year but he was also turning 40 in January.  He realized that he had done nothing in the last decade to shift his career, even though he knew it was a mismatch.  Why?  Like most people who drift into a career, pre-Covid, Trevor had no crisis to compel movement. 

Trevor had read my book Career Path of Abundance and realized that he was heading along the same path as one of my former clients. He called me with near panic: “I’m just like Pete” [the client in my book].

The simple summary: Pete, like Trevor, fell into a career path that never quite fit. In Pete’s case, he came to me in his mid-forties and had discovered that switching careers was very difficult because he had been typecast in a mismatched career. He noted: “I drifted into a career and now am viewed as if I am the type of person suited for this career.”

The end of the year is a great time to take stock about your life.  If we can help you avoid career drift, contact us.