Enjoyable work leading to success at work

Those fortunate enough to enjoy healthy food have the great luck that what they enjoy an activity that is also good for them. How I wish that homemade bread was good for me!

Those who are in careers in which they are doing activities that they like have similar great fortune. While lawyers are not the happiest bunch, I did know a few that genuinely loved the law.  In Career Path of Abundance, I reference a partner at a Washington DC firm where I was a summer associate who would devour new legal cases as I would a great novel. Some financial wealth managers can talk about managing money all day during their vacation. Some computer programmers just need sustenance to keep them going all night while they delightfully code.

In each case, these lucky workers are engaged in activities that are both enjoyable and good for them.  The lawyer gets better when reading legal cases; the financial manager gets better when discussing money management and the computer programmer gets better when coding. 

When I started Career Counseling Connecticut, I realized that I was simply doing what I often do with my friends – discussing and giving advice on careers.  I’m not sure why I like career issues so much but I always have. I zone out when people discuss cars, houses, and pretty much “all stuff” but I am wired to enjoy discussing people.  (See Myers Briggs ENFJs!) Even back in my college days, I recall thoroughly enjoying my discussions with my friends about potential career paths. I get to do work that I enjoy and makes me better at the work. I hope I can lead you to the same.