I became an entrepreneur in 2000.

22 years later…. it proved to be the best practical decision I ever made.

At the time, however, entrepreneurs were not nearly as admired as they are today.

Indeed, my parents did not talk to me for several years about my new venture.  From their perspective, their Ivy-league lawyer son had just made a terrible decision.

Only after The Learning Consultants and Career Counseling Connecticut started thriving did they “agree” with the decision.

Today, entrepreneurship seems to be the preferred course of action for many. Why work for a faceless corporation?

Why work for something you don’t care about?

Why spend so much time building someone else’s dream and not your own?

There are many factors that push people towards entrepreneurship.

There is one big one that stops people: fear or more specifically fear of uncertainty.

This is reasonable.  There are so many areas of entrepreneurship that require trial and error.

But… what if you could get trained?   This would save you time. And time saved will save you money.

I can only work with 3 entrepreneurs at a  time.

If interested in a spot, contact me now.