Escape the Monday Job Blues By Escaping From Career Prison

“I read that there is a far higher percentage of heart attacks on Monday morning than during any other time period.” Todd said as he explained his Monday morning blues. “When I’m driving across the Rhode Island border (Tom lived in Mystic, Connecticut but commuted to Providence), I feel like heading towards prison.” Careers shouldn’t be prisons.
“How can I escape?” Tom asked, continuing the prison metaphor. 
​”Have you seen The Shawshank Redemption?” I asked.  The movie has become so popular after its release in the mid 1990s that I hope I’m not going to provide spoilers but skip ahead if you don’t want to know the plot.  
The hero of the movie, Andy Dufresne, creates an escape vision. He then creates a strategy to make the vision a reality. He painstakingly puts in the work to act on the strategy. He then knowingly enters and endures a hellish escape. From start to finish, the escape takes 19 years.
Todd’s vision creation was similar to most. He had fleeting thoughts of what he would like to do. He then would get back to “life” as he put it.  He would scan job boards occasionally and even went so far as to make a resume. But he didn’t really know what to head toward.
When we met, he had a vision in one hour.  Now we are on to strategy.  I’m pretty sure his escape will take less than 19 years!